Craigslist Lie #1 For Selling Volvo Without 3rd Row Seating

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So just a small tip when you are looking to buy a Volvo Wagon.  If anyone mentions that they are selling to upgrade to one with 3rd row seats this is most probably a lie.  Why?  Because it would be a lot cheaper just to install them yourself.  Very easy to do and only costs about $5-600 bucks.  So next time when you are on craigslist, like I always am, and come across this great excuse,  think twice.  Go ahead and call about the car and ask the owner why they don’t just install them and if they sound truly surprised that they can, then maybe they are just not informed and you may find a good deal.

Now that you now, don’t ever pass on a Volvo that doesn’t have 3rd row seating.  And you can always use this to get the price down by telling the seller you are not interested because you really wanted one with 3rd row seating.  Most people do not know you can install them yourself and most dealers don’t want you to know this and they will say it is a safety thing and you can’t, but of course this is not true.

Check out how to below:

Installing 3rd Row Seats on 1999 Volvo v70

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