Vegas Baby, Vegas [April 5, 2009]

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Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most populated and brightest cities in the US. It is an impressive city, as you drive your Volvo up and down the strip going by The Bellagio, MGM, Caesar’s Palace, Wind, and so much more.  There are a few must sees that you will definitely have to leave your Volvo behind for.  And not to worry you can park for free in the parking garage of any casino but be ware that once you enter a casino they are truly built like mazes so you don’t get out but you end up either at their slots or in another connecting casino. 

The sights which are breathtaking are first of all the Venetian.  It is a mini replica of Venice with real Gondoliers which you can ride for $20 per person.  As you walk the “streets” you hear people singing and you see actors dressed in authenic wear.  When you look up you see a painted sky so real that you forget you are indoors. 

The Bellagio not only has the popular singing fountains, but has a botanical garden display which is very relaxing to walk through.  The Ceazar Pallace will make you feel like you are in Rome with grand architexture and scuplures.  The Wind is also impressive with a man build mountain and Waterfall.  And then there is Circus Circus where every 30 minutes their is a circus act.  We saw Irena the Acrobat. 

One thing I did learn after being in Vegas was  if you want to leave with a small fortune, you better come with a large fortune. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is a popular statement but what was really implied was that your money will stay there.  This does not have to be the case, becasue there is so much to do for free and the all-you-can- eat buffets are very cheap during 2-4pm, Excalibur particularry .  But one thing is for sure, your Volvo is too precious to stay in Vegas.



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