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Volvo Stick Shift

So as I was out for a drive today, my stick shift knob popped right off.  When my owner attempted to put it back on.  It worked for a couple more days, but then started to crack.  So my owner had this bright idea to go get another one from a junk yard.  I tried to tell him it wouldn’t work.  But he didn’t listen.  So off to the junk yard we went.    They had no Volvos and so my owner tried one from a Renault.  WRONG!  It doesn’t work, I’m a Volvo not a Renault.  So he tried store after store and no one carried one that fit me.  He even tried to glue my broken one back on me as you can see in the evidence provided in the above photo.  Duh! I am one of a kind.  I can only use Volvo manufactured parts.  Nothing else is good enough for me.  I do have a reputation to uphold you know.

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