The BIG 270

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Mar 1, 2011 in 1993 Volvo 940


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He is big, but I’m faster

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Apr 27, 2010 in 1993 Volvo 940


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The Big 250

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Mar 3, 2010 in 1993 Volvo 940


Today I turned the big 250.  250,000 miles that is.  Can you believe it?  I feel as young as I did the day I came off the assembly line.  Well I guess not that young, but as young as one can with so many miles.  And I’m still purring like a little kitten.  I am very fortunate because with these miles have gone many places.  I’ve been everywhere man.  I’ve been to California man.  Been to Mississippi, to Florida, to Washington, to Chicago.  I’ve been stuck in the great 2009 blizzard of South Dakota, seen the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the Space Needle and Vegas Baby just to mention a few.   I am looking forward to many more to come.

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