Dodge Journey (East) located at the Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Sep 25, 2011 in Volvo V70 XC

acadiaWe have received a new clue from one of our readers that Dodge Journey (East) is located at the Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park. Google pictures from the park [see here]

Indeed, one (or more) of the picture clues released earlier by Dodge via Facebook [see here] could be easily located in the said search area.

Perhaps the best clue of the final location is the picture from within the stable itself:



This final location is barely within the perimeter of the initial seach radius as seen on our Journey Search map:


See ALL picture clues from Dodge [here]

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Sioux Falls 2010

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Mar 8, 2010 in 1993 Volvo 940


So I’m on the way back to Nebraska from Minnesota and I think to myself, “self”.  I should take the time to go by Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It’s only like an hour out of the way.  So I plug in the destination on my trusty TomTom GPS and off I go.  I arrive to Sioux Falls and I click on the Points of Interest (POI) near me and select that I want to go to the Sioux Falls Park.  So it brings me toward downtown, and this I am thinking is a good thing, and then I go a bit farther down some back streets.  I cross by a old depot station, a mission outreach building.  I feel as if  I’m in the not so good area of town and then I see a sign.  “Sioux Falls Park”.  Okay but I don’t see any falls.  I just see a fee picnic tables, a slide, and some swings.  I’m thinking to myself this can’t be the great Sioux Falls of South Dakota.  But for you fellow travelers, just a side note that their is a small park right next the the big one.  So don’t turn around.  Just keep going and you will see the Falls.  However it’s not recommended to see them in the winter as the falls are somewhat FROZEN.  Yea.  Oh well.  But at least I can say that I have been to the Falls.  And if you are expecting anything like the Niagara Falls, don’t get your hopes up.  But it is a must see.

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