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Posted by OurVolvo.com on Feb 5, 2012 in 1999 Volvo V70

The Search for ourVolvo in Google returns a number of pleasant surprises.

For example, Alex & Wendy from Old Town Home bought a NEW CAR: a 2011 Volvo XC60 – great choice indeed. Congratulations!

Other friends from CT, moving to Asia, are selling their 2005 XC90

YouTube has a video about our Volvo fh 480

Another story from YouTube has a S60 driven in Romania, which reminds us, we have some footage of driving our 1995 Volvo 460 (1.8i) from Berlin to Bulgaria that should be posted here soon…

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Dodge Journey Search (East) 375 Mile Clue: Aridonak Marathon

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Sep 24, 2011 in Volvo V70 XC

Dodge Journey Search (East) 375 Mile Clue is the Aridonak Marathon, which sets the final location in the Acadia National Park. We will have more specific clues and information past midnight. Enjoy the search.


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Dodge Journey Search (East) 400 Mile Clue: Friends Lake

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Dodge Journey Search (East) 425 Mile Clue

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The Queen of American Lakes is Lake George, although makes no sense to drive back North.

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450 Mile Clue: Saratoga Race Course

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Sep 24, 2011 in Volvo V70 XC

Dodge Journey Search East 450 Mile Clue: Saratoga Race Course: “The oldest organized sporting venue in the U.S.” {August 3, 1863}


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Dodge Journey Search East Begins in Wildwest Ranch

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Dodge Journey Search East Begins in Wildwest Ranch, Lake George NY.

The 500 mile radius of the Journey Search is shown on the map bellow:


It almost seems like the Journey is going Detroit, except from Lake George, NY to Detroit, MI is a bi longer: 576 miles (on dry land that is) and it crosses to Canada. Now, if you catch the ferry at Buffalo, NY it is precisely 500miles. Seems like this Dodge is going home to Detroit.

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Dodge Journey Search is LIVE

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Dodge Journey Search Current Search Area (Radius of 250 Miles)

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You can find more detail info throughout the day on our website and Steven Barley’s

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In a Search for a V70 XC

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Jan 1, 2010 in Volvo V70 XC


In a preparation for our annual cross continental trip, we searched for a suitable VOLVO a V70 XC to help us on our spring traveling schedule, which included a 50-day, 7,000 mile journey with 25 stops at locations as follows:

600px-yes_checksvg February 25th – Atlanta, GA: Trip begins

600px-yes_checksvg February 26th – Nashville, TN: At the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives

600px-yes_checksvg February 27th – Southaven, MS: With the Authentic Love Band at the Biker’s Church

600px-yes_checksvg February 28th – Arkansas: Northbound

600px-yes_checksvg March 1st – Springfield, MO – At the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center

600px-yes_checksvg March 3rd – Not in Kansas NEmore?

600px-yes_checksvg March 5th – Minneapolis, MN – Presenting at the Society for Pentecostal Studies

600px-yes_checksvg March 7th – Minneapolis, MN – Preaching at the Bulgarian Church in Minneapolis

600px-yes_checksvg March 8th – South Dakota – At Sioux Falls

600px-yes_checksvg March 11 Lecturing at the University of Nebraska

600px-yes_checksvg March 13 WordPress for Churches in Chicago

600px-yes_checksvg March 14, 2010 Preaching at the Bulgarian Evangelical Church of God in Chicago

600px-yes_checksvg March 14 Ministering at the Bulgarian Baptist Church Chicago

600px-yes_checksvg March 15th – Use of Technology Iowa Style

600px-yes_checksvg March 16th – First Oil Change at 3,054 miles

600px-yes_checksvg March 17th – So far so good

600px-yes_checksvg March 18th – 5Easy Steps to BibleTech

600px-yes_checksvg March 19th – Picking up My Tux for BibleTech

600px-yes_checksvg March 20th – Iced in Omaha

600px-yes_checksvg March 21st – Need Help with My Presentation

600px-yes_checksvg March 23th – Waiting in Wyoming

600px-yes_checksvg March 25th- The Final Countdown

600px-yes_checksvg March 24th – The Road to Reno

600px-yes_checksvg March 25th – Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

600px-yes_checksvg March 26th – Huston, the Eagle Has Landed

600px-yes_checksvg March 27th – Google Me

600px-yes_checksvg March 28th – I left my hubcap in San Francisco

600px-yes_checksvg March 29th – Desert Storm 2010

600px-yes_checksvg March 30th – What Happens in Vegas is Written in Heaven

600px-yes_checksvg March 31st- Petrified in Arizona

600px-yes_checksvg April 1st – Groom Texas Cross

600px-yes_checksvg April 3rd- Houston, We Have a Problem

600px-yes_checksvg April 4th – Houston, TX – Holding an Easter Service at the Bulgarian Church in Houston

600px-yes_checksvg April 6th – Awake in Alpharetta

600px-yes_checksvg April 7th – Atlanta, GA – It is good to be home again

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