I’ve Been Everywhere Man

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Volvo Travels Through Radnevo Bulgaria

Radnevo (Раднево) is a town in southern Bulgaria, part of Stara Zagora Province. It is located in the eastern Upper Thracian Lowlands close to the Maritsa Iztok Complex.  This is a picture taken of one of the newest monuments while passing through.

Notable natives include Bulgarian Agrarian National Union politician Dimitar Dragiev (1869-1943), poet Geo Milev (1895-1925), Bulgarian international footballer Andrey Zhelyazkov (b. 1952) and popular pop-folk singer Silvia (b. 1978).  Curious of Wikipedia.com

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Side By Side

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We went to a camp in the mountains again this weekend and when we returned to our trusty Volvo 460 we noticed that another Volvo had been keeping ours company.  It was just soooo cute that we had to take a picture.  When talking with it’s owner he mentioned to us that his Volvo just like ours is aging the same way with the same cosmetic defects.  We tried to speak softly so that the Volvos wouldn’t hear us and effect their self-esteem.  Regardless of the blemishes the Volvo is the most trusty car and like my daddy always says, “it’s what’s on under the hood that matters the most”.

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Our “European” 1995 VOLVO 460

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