Tips to Avoid Craigslist Car Scam

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1.  If the price is too good (way below blue book value) – then walk away.

2.  If the person is selling quickly (because of a divorce or being deployed) – then walk away.

3.  If all of the pictures are stock photos (like from a dealer or with great angels and scenery) – then walk way.

4.  If they want to know where you are first (so they can say I’m not local and won’t be able to show you the car) – then walk away.

5.  If the seller asks for money upfront- RUN, RUN, RUN away.

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AVOID Cabinsforyou.com REVIEW

Posted by OurVolvo.com on May 25, 2012 in 1999 Volvo V70

BEWARE: AVOID cabinsforyou.com AT ALL COST

Cabinsforyou.com is a cabin managing company with 11 employees, who does not own, but just manage the cabins they resell to third party users and visitors.

Address: 436 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN 37738 | Tel.: (800) 684-7865 | www.cabinsforyou.com
Primary Contact: Ms. Debbie Plimpton (President) | Ms. Jessica Dewberry (Secretary/Treasurer)

We chose Cabinsforyou.com because they were a family-owned American company. Doing business with them, however, had nothing to do with being family or American. BEWARE!

After checking availability with the desired cabin over the phone, we booked it online because of the lower rate. Then, the day before our arrival, past office hours, we received a sudden phone call notifying us that the cabin we reserved for our 10 year anniversary had an issue which could not be fixed in the next 24-hours. No specific reason was given and when we asked directly, the answer was “I cannot honestly tell you!” With “not knowing” what the issue was, they still assured us they could not fix it before our stay. I even suggested we arrive a day latter and give 48-hours for the problem to be fixed because we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary with them. Without given any reason, we were told again this would not work.

In all seriousness, we were given the option to “upgrade,” but what was offered did not come even close to the accommodations of the reserved by us cabin: mountain view and privacy. The first upgrade had several other cabins in a very close proximity and the second one had a view of parking lots in Gatlinburg, which you can get at any downtown hotel for a much lesser price. This particular “upgrade” had four bedrooms, but we were told we could only use one of them.

Finally, we asked to speak to a manager and had to wait for over 3hrs. Then, someone called us at 8:46 PM some 10 minutes AFTER Cabinsforyou.com had sent as a cancellation email. Latter, we come to find out the person who called was not even a manager.

Doing business this way was, the least to say, very distasteful, especially with customers who have already reserved and secured with payment the service. Luckily for us, by that time we had decided leave it alone and simply asked for a refund. But after all, even the refund was uncertain and we were told they would have to get approval for it as well and will take 7-10 business days.

We latter found out via the Cabinsforyour.com’s online reservation calendar that there were already people in this particular cabin and it appeared that in order to save money on a cleaning fee, the management let the current renters extend their stay. There is simply no way to do business with people who treat you that way. We would avoid them at all cost in the future and seems like we are not alone with so many other dissatisfied customers out there. After looking for some reviews, which we should have done first, we found that Cabinsforyou.com is in the business of mistreating its customers as follows:

Teresa HarrellCreek Side Cabin via Cabinsforyou.com in Gatlinburg, TN. Bad cabin and company. The Creekside cabin was maintained in an unclean and unsafe condition.

Stacy Childers said “Save your money. Stay somewhere else.”

J.B. Scombs wrote about the skinny dippin cabin: “A dirty smelly cabin, hot tub smelled bad, used Kleenex under bed. They would not refund money”

Amanda G: “The place could use a good cleaning, there was dust on all the decorations in the kitchen, and black dust about the stove. There was also dust bunnies in all the corners of the floor and ceiling. The porch with the hot tub was dirty and I wonder if the thing had ever been swept. On our last night there while taking a shower I spotted a small cockroach on the ceiling in the bathroom. I only saw the one but with all the dark corners I can only imagine there were more lurking around.”

Pam: Disappointed. We stayed at Skinny Dipping cabin in Aug. 2010. The carpet and rugs were extremely dirty. The cabin did not seem to be clean at all and the spa turned my hair green. We rented 5 cabins in the same area for a wedding and 3 of us were not happy with our cabin. I will not use this company again.

Amanda: “Worst stay ever at Gatlinburg…I have never experienced such horrible customer service in my life.”

Skinny Dippin: I will not stay with Cabins USA again. Cabinets needed a good cleaning …deck had loose boards and nails sticking out with several railing boards missing on the lower deck …

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