Tips to Avoid Craigslist Car Scam

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Dec 28, 2012 in 1993 Volvo 940, 1995 Volvo 460, 1999 Volvo V70, Volvo V70 XC

1.  If the price is too good (way below blue book value) – then walk away.

2.  If the person is selling quickly (because of a divorce or being deployed) – then walk away.

3.  If all of the pictures are stock photos (like from a dealer or with great angels and scenery) – then walk way.

4.  If they want to know where you are first (so they can say I’m not local and won’t be able to show you the car) – then walk away.

5.  If the seller asks for money upfront- RUN, RUN, RUN away.

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Cruise-in Cruise-out Main Street Car Show

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Nov 15, 2012 in 1999 Volvo V70

So we attended the car show around 7:30 pm because the flyer said that it was until 9:oo pm, BUT when we got there everybody was leaving.  We saw more antique cars pass us on the way there than we actually did on Main Street.  It was more like a Cruise-in/Cruise-out type of deal.  So next time, we will have to get there early.  These are the cars that stayed true and represented with pride.  Unfortunately we did not even get a good pic of ourvolvo.com.

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Questions To Ask Before Buying a Volvo

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Dec 10, 2011 in 1999 Volvo V70

questions Getting quite frustrated with this search for a used Volvo. These are some questions you should ask before even going to look at car:

1. What is wrong with the car. Ask for what the problems are instead of are there any problems.

2. Don’t ask if you have a clean title because of course the title is “clean” and not “dirty”. But ask specifically if the title is in the buyers name.

3. Ask if there are any check engine lights or airbag lights on.

4. Ask how long you have had the car.

5. Why are you selling it?

6. When is the last time you did any tune ups – oil change, timing belt change, breaks, etc.

7. Ask specifically has this car been in a wreck.

8. Is this your personal vehicle (you drive) – even though you have already asked if the title is in the sellers name this is very important.

9. Are you the 1st owner?

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I Wanna be a Pizza Car

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Apr 29, 2011 in 1993 Volvo 940

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