3 Easy to Follow Winter Care Tips for Volvo

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Nov 29, 2016 in Volvo
  1.  Take your battery by AutoZone or Advanced Auto Parts and have a volt test performed on your battery. The cold weather will cause a weak battery not to perform right and could leave you stranded.
  2. Check you lights to make sure they are working right before the cold days hit hard.  
  3. Check antifreeze levels to  keep the engine from freezing in the winter. Make sure you don’t have leaks.  You can use a 50/50 coolant/water mixture.




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Tips to Avoid Craigslist Car Scam

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Dec 28, 2012 in 1993 Volvo 940, 1995 Volvo 460, 1999 Volvo V70, Volvo V70 XC

1.  If the price is too good (way below blue book value) – then walk away.

2.  If the person is selling quickly (because of a divorce or being deployed) – then walk away.

3.  If all of the pictures are stock photos (like from a dealer or with great angels and scenery) – then walk way.

4.  If they want to know where you are first (so they can say I’m not local and won’t be able to show you the car) – then walk away.

5.  If the seller asks for money upfront- RUN, RUN, RUN away.

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