5 Reasons Why Volvo Owes V70 Owners an Apology For Defective Features (and Perhaps Even a Free Vehicle Replacement)

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v70I love Volvo cars. Need I say it again?

I have owned three solid Swedish made machines. My first Volvo was a 1993 940, which was that close from half a million kilometers if it was not for the 2011 tornado storm that smashed it. My second Volvo was a 1995 460 known across Europe as the “Bodyguard” and for a reason. And the 3rd one of those is the famous 1999 V70 station wagon.

Now, just about everyone I know who has an older V70 which VOLVO upgraded with AWD or Turbo has had trouble with at least one of these and in some cases with both them. One would think that if you have the classic V70 NR you will not have many problems with this heir of the historically solid 740 models. That is not the case as even without AWD or Turbo, the classic V70 has at least 5 weak areas that must be repaired at one point or another.

  1. Weak guillotine on the starter / steering wheal lock assembly. DIY cost with dealership parts $260. Call Don Snyder at Darrell Waltrip Volvo Subaru for a fix at 615-599-6294 (direct) or 1-800-679-6124 (toll free) or Don.Snyder@HendrickAuto.com and read 1999 Volvo V70 Ignition Switch and/or Key Lock Cylinder Problem with Key Rotating Freely at 360 Degrees
  1. Soft and easily gone bad upper engine mount bushing – after market replacement is about $30 on the internet
  1. Factory recalled and still going bad ETM unit (manufactured by FIAT), which will basically put your car out of commission if you don’t want to spend the extra grand for a 45 min. fix and VIN reprogramming at the dealership – see Don’s website. Except if you can program it with the VIN you can’t do it yourself so repair costs $960. See our Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) Problem 1999 Volvo V70
  1. Poorly designed ABS unit, which is even more unreasonably placed directly at the heat stream of the so ever solid 2.4l 5 cylinder Volvo engine. When this ABS goes south (both figuratively and literary in the heat of the South, that it will turn off your speedometer and all other instruments on the dashboard, kick the car into safe mode, disable overdrive where you cannot go over 30 mph and to top it off turn the engine light off like it’s the end of the world (or at least the end of your car). “The Swedish,” as they often call it, was made for Sweden winters not for the summers of the South. It will crank at 40 below with no problems, but its electronics would go bad during a long hot southern summer. See the easy and cheap temporary fix for Volvo V70 ABS light on, speedometer dead, going to safe mode and loosing power with possible check engine light on or call Matt Pollack for under $100 DIY permanent and proper fix Midwest-abs.com
  1. Weak electronic central locking unit and gas door that melts under the heat. Yes, various parts of the locking system stick when the car is under extreme southern neat 90-100F. The door locks start working half way. You can use the key to unlock driver door if needed. But when it gets to the gas door lock you have to use the emergency release well into the rear wall above the tire. Or just break it if it leaves you lock at a gas station with an empty tank.

So adding it all together, just for these 5-6 things you will spend $1,600 easily just for parts. If you want it done at a dealership the rate is about $120 per hour with mandatory computer inspection (one work hour cost of $120) and at least another hour of labor.

So with this mind, yes I think Volvo owes all V70 owners an apology. And why not a free car replacement for being left with a car load of people on the side of a lonely country road in a dark rainy night? And then having to pick up a pretty penny bill at the local Volvo dealership.

And one last remark about the 3rd row seats not being part of the standard package of the V70. Let’s face it on this one! If you are going to build a solid and safe family station wagon with a 3rd row capabilities frame and chassis, and sell it for 30 grand, you may just as well install the $250 3rd row seat and get it over with. Just saying…

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DIY 4 Steps to Release Trigger of Locking Mechanism on Stuck Gas Tank Lid of 1999 Volvo V70 Wagon

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Aug 22, 2016 in 1999 Volvo V70
  1. Remove bottom part of right side cargo panel (Side which your gas tank is on) and small section of flooring.
    • NOTE:  You do not have to take the main large panel off.  These panels are very fragile and sometimes do not go back on or break in the process.
  2. Slightly pry open remaining side panel (part which is still attached) enough to reach hand behind panel.  You will feel the metal frame of the car and wires.
    • Beware that behind the carpet cargo panel there will be another metal panel in which the locking mechanism will be behind.
  3. There will be a wrapped cable with two wires which will be visible once you remove the panel.  These are the wires which connect to the locking mechanism.  Follow the cables with your hand to the end to locate the locking mechanism.  Cables will be connected to a small box.
  4. Once you have located the small box of the locking mechanism, take your finger and reach behind until you reach the trigger and then pull to unlock the gas tank.

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How Much is That Volvo in the Window of Highway 65 Recording Studio?

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Did a “driveby” today at Highway 65 Recording Studio.  Feeling like a star already. Sign me up Miss James.

Highway 65 Recording Studio

Highway 65 Recording Studio

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Knoxville Freebie Giveaway Christmas in July Event 2016 by Solid Ground Cords

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Jul 12, 2016 in Volvo
Christmas in July by Solid Ground Cords

Christmas in July by Solid Ground Cords

On July 25th, 2016 Solid Ground Cords, LLC will be giving away a 50ft. Solid Ground Extension Cord to one Winner in the Knoxville, TN area.

A heavy duty 50 ft. extension cord – 12/3, weighing only 7.2 lbs. This cord is a revolutionary extension cord that is new to the market. You can’t find it at your local Wal-mart and you know that this is something your friends will not have. The extension cord is an $85 value.

Find the Freebie Giveaway Post on Facebook page and LIKE & COMMENT to enter! That’s it. Easy! Please help spread the news about this awesome giveaway and be sure to LIKE our page if you haven’t already.


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Happy 4th of JULY 2016 From OurVolvo

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Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue

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Summer Has Arrived, Be Safe and Slow Down to Stop and Smell the Flowers

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Volvo V70 Smelling  a Flower

Volvo V70 Smelling a Flower

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Tour of Solid Ground Cords’ Knoxville Office: Featuring Ultra-Flex Rubber SJTOOW Extension Cord with Replaceable Ground Pin

Posted by OurVolvo.com on Jun 14, 2016 in 1999 Volvo V70

We were recently in the Knoxville, TN area and invited to tour the office of Solid Ground Cords, LLC. They are new company that was just started up in February 2016.

Mr. Rick Gilliland, is the founder and inventor of the patent pending Solid Ground replaceable pin and has worked in the construction industry for over three decades. He and all of the guys at Solid Ground Cords are stand up guys in my opinion. They have really made a great contribution to the extension cord industry. It was nice meeting Rick, Davis, Forrest and Jordan this time.

Our Volvo Tours Solid Ground Offices in Knoxville, TN: Featuring Ultra-Flex Rubber SJTOOW Extension Cord with completely replaceable ground pin

Our Volvo Tours Solid Ground Offices in Knoxville, TN: Featuring Ultra-Flex Rubber SJTOOW Extension Cord with completely replaceable ground pin

They demonstrated how the Solid Ground pin technology prevents the ground pin from breaking off from the extension cord plug. The cord even glows! It has a safety feature that allows the cord plug to light up green when it is safely grounded. If it’s not grounded for any reason, the light doesn’t turn on. I was able to pick one up from these guys and after seeing how this cord works, I won’t buy any other. Their prices are very reasonable. A 25ft. cord is only $50. Check out their other products here SOLIDGROUNDCORDS.com. If I could only figure out a way to pimp my ride with the cord’s grounded safety light indicator on ourVolvo …

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The Best Hole in the Road in Virginia

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Hole in the Road

Hole in the Road

This little hole in the wall or hole in the road is located in Virginia off highway 23 in Wise, VA.
It is called the Apple House and is owned by 2 brothers. One runs the veggie part and the other runs the food part. It is the best food this side of the Mississippi and I know food. I had a fish sandwich, fish bites and bar-b-que pulled pork sandwich with baked beans. All was home made and yummy!

6878 Orby Cantrell Hwy
Wise, Virginia

Headed south, it is a few miles past Robo Drive in near Pound, VA.
9233 Orby Cantrell Hwy, Pound, VA 24279

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